Who We Are

Vigilante Coffee Company is on a mission to create the absolute best coffee experience in the world.

Through ethically sourcing our coffees and developing meaninful relationships with our farmers, through sustainably roasting with extreme attention to detail, to innovating the best brewing methods for the perfect cup every time.

The Story

Vigilante Coffee Company was born in the heart of DC's H Street NE neighborhood in 2012.

Upon receiving green, unroasted beans, our roasters meticulously fine-tune specific roast profiles to highlight the unique properties of each bean. We pride ourselves on directly sourcing our coffee, supporting our local community, and providing the freshest, best-tasting beans to the region.

Chris Vigilante's (our founder) passion for coffee began while living and working in the Hawaiian Islands.

While in Hawaii, Chris worked directly with some of coffee's finest professionals and developed direct relationships with farms on Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island. While working with Hawaiian producers, Chris went on to help establish the award winning farm of Manoa Valley (best in Oahu, 2010).

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